At FileHound we understand that business owners face many challenges when considering how to improve the way they securely access and manage important documents, with a level of simplicity that suits all of their employees.

Many businesses are developing ‘new ways of working’ with a focus on ‘going digital’. Home office workers and remote teams can be disadvantaged if they cannot easily access information to support their business decisions and processes.

Every business manages and retains a wide range of important documents, from sales proposals and customer orders to invoices, employee records, trading agreements, tax returns, audit reports, health and safety records, property leases, board minutes and shareholder information.

Exactly how long you need to retain your records depends on your business structure – essentially, whether you’re self-employed or run a limited company. If you’re an employer, regardless of your business structure, you also have certain responsibilities when it comes to the retention of documents.

Working with paper and unstructured data is no longer the best way to manage these important business documents, especially when businesses are also being required to consider increasing levels of security and regulatory compliance such as The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is involved.

Introducing FileHound – Your Digital Filing Cabinet

FileHound’s Digital Filing Cabinet solution can help solve these challenges ‘out of the box’ by ensuring your important business documents are securely available, easily found when needed and fully audited at all times.

FileHound offers Simple and Advanced Search tools to help you find documents in a few seconds. You can also search for information inside a document so if you cannot remember what the document is called or where it is saved just FileHound it!

Intelligent indexing gives your documents meaning and lets you categorise your documents in a way that makes sense to your business and employees. This lets you easily search, and cross reference information to more than one topic, which is not possible with paper records and when stored digitally in a traditional network or local computer folder structure.

When working from home, or remote, you still need to store, access and share important documents. FileHound makes it easy for your employees to access your business documents online and can also be configured to support remote teams. With security and compliance built in, you know your documents are secure, while your work force stays productive and safe.

Document Scanning Services

FileHound also offers businesses end-to-end digital back scanning services combined with a secure storage and shredding services – providing a full audit trail throughout the scanning process from document collection to scanning completion – project managed and implemented by a team digital transformation specialists.

Here are 5 key reasons why FileHound is an excellent Digital Filing Cabinet choice for your business:

1. Work smarter and efficiently

Access your documents on demand, search for content and key words in seconds and digitise manual processes such as automating document retention policies.

2. Save time, money, and space

Locate and process documents faster, reduce printing and admin costs, eliminate filing cabinets and storage boxes throughout your business.

3. Mitigate risk and exposure

Store your documents securely with a full audit trail, enforce user access controls to ensure only approved individuals can access your important documents.

4. Empower remote working

Home workers and remote teams can securely access, share, and process business documents from the cloud.

5. Help the environment

Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your paper usage and consume less energy when business printers and photocopiers are inactive.

More great features you can find in FileHound

 “Adopt FileHound today, your first step towards digital transformation” 

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