FileHound Features

FileHound is packed full of incredible features that help us make FileHound fresh, uncomplicated and easy to use.


We’ve built FileHound by leveraging the flexibility and stability of the HTML5 standard and the latest in browser technology to deliver a truly 21st century experience. Not influenced by any legacy hardware, software or operating systems we can offer the very latest in innovation and technology ensuring current and future compatibility.

By taking this very different approach to the many document management systems currently available, FileHound has the innovative ability to be used on any device; Windows desktops, laptops, Macs, tablets, or any modern web browser.


Reliably extract data from documents, even when the layout is highly variable. Standard fields are available instantly, with full customisation available when needed.

Extraction is based on the data required and its context, rather than location, so is independent of layout and can be applied to unstructured content like correspondence and legal documents.

All delivered in the cloud, no need for additional 3rd party OCR capture products – this feature in built into FileHound.

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FileHound’s workflow functionality can be configured for a range of tasks from simply notifying you when a new document matching a predefined criteria is added onto the system, all the way to automating the approval and validation of invoices.

A software platform truly becomes an asset to your business when it can provide feedback, trigger processes and allow logic based events to automatically move documents to where they need to be.

Workflows are a really simple way of automating tasks, to allow you to work smarter and faster, freeing up time for other activities by letting FileHound perform these tasks for you.

FileHound’s workflow functionality can be configured for a range of tasks from simply notifying you when a new document matching a predefined criteria is added onto the system or moving a file to a specific folder based on the data contained in its index information, right up to complex processes of multilevel authorisation and validation of invoices.

Database matching – where documents relate to existing corporate data such as customers or suppliers, FileHound can automatically match them to the relevant records.

Our standard BPMN 2.0 compatibility means that custom workflows can be configured to suit practically any need!


One of the major benefits of FileHound is its ability to find a specific document, or set of documents, within seconds, without trawling through filing cabinets or shared drives.

Our ‘content-aware’ search feature is often the most compelling reason why businesses implement a document management system, saving your teams many hours per week that can be used more productively.

Why is fast document retrieval so important?

It is estimated that between 50% and 80% of the information companies rely on to run their business, exists within the documents they handle. Staff constantly refer to documents to answer enquiries from customers, suppliers and colleagues in order to support your business.

Searching for information in paper documentation is time consuming as files are frequently not where they should be. In fact, research firm Gartner Group estimate that locating information like this wastes around 216 hours a year, per employee!

Reducing document retrieval times to seconds will save each employee around one hour per day and this time can definitely be used more productively.

FileHound provides an intuitive search feature that will make you much more efficient and save you hours every week searching and retrieving your business documents.


FileHound includes simple, yet powerful search tools that allow you to find any document in seconds. But sometimes there is no substitute for browsing through a library of digital documents in the same way you might flick through a folder or file.

This can often be a good place to start if you cannot remember enough about the document you are looking for to carry out a pinpoint search, giving you clues for a more accurate search or just letting you browse to the right document.

Sometimes the information that has been used to index a document doesn’t help you find exactly what you are looking for. Instead it might be a phrase, address or series of words that you recall that helps you identify a document.

FileHound has the ability to search not only the index criteria but also the actual contents of your documents. This method of searching the contents of a document, or range of documents, allows to you locate the documents you’re looking for when index criteria alone doesn’t yield the right result.

Rest assured we have thought of everything when it comes to retrieving your documents.


Putting your documents away in FileHound is simple. Simply pick the type of document you are filing and you will be presented with the indexing information required for this type of document.

If you’re familiar with Facebook, Twitter or blogging platforms like WordPress you’ll be familiar with this way of identifying your tweets, pictures and other items. If you are not, don’t worry, it’s intuitive and very straight forward to get to grips with.

Index information can be added using lists, calendars, typing and a variety of other methods. Rapid Tagging and Indexing tools can be used to speed up this process for certain types of documents, while a data capture system can be useful for batch processing documents.

Indexing is a quick and easy step that helps you save hours when you are searching for information.

Why do I need to Tag and Index my documents?

Indexing digital documents is no different to how you currently file paper records – you might file a contract in a folder for the customer it relates to, a holiday request against the relevant employee or a supplier invoice in a folder relating to the month it arrived. Cross referencing paper documents filed in this way can be a problem.

By comparison, if you use a document management system, your documents can be cross referenced by any of your chosen indexing criteria; it is no longer a problem to find invoices

from a particular supplier or those received in a defined period or perhaps a specific invoice.

Indexing your documents correctly as they are processed makes search and retrieval almost instant.

Rapid Filing

Our rapid indexing feature, coupled with database integration, allows you to simply enter your invoice number and FileHound will automatically fill in other information like the suppliers name and invoice date, removing the need for you to type these details in.

This method of filing is very fast, efficient and improves accuracy.


Keeping track of those all important documents can be a difficult task when you have a large number of people accessing a large number of documents.

FileHound keeps a complete audit trail of every interaction a user has with a document. Keeping a detailed history of each and every time a user views a document, the document is moved into another folder, the indexing information is modified or a document is emailed or exported from the system.


Management of electronic documents can be a daunting task when it comes to changing the way staff are used to finding and working with documents in paper form. We want to make the transition to paperless pain free by offering a completely customisable filing structure.

A custom filing structure will allow you to replicate the physical cabinet, draw and folder structured hierarchy that you are comfortable with into your document management system, offering a familiar way to find the file what you are looking for.

Being fully customisable your filing cabinet configuration can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be. When joined with our document indexing and quick search not only will your documents all be neatly organised exactly as you want them, but you’ll never have trouble jumping straight to the document you’re looking for.

When looking at a list of documents, everybody has a preferred way of working, some like alphabetical, others want documents ordered by date. Our folders and cabinets can accommodate this with our custom views feature. Each user can display and sort any folder in the way that compliments the way they work.


How useful would it be to click on a folder and see the latest set of documents matching a set of predetermined criteria that you have created?

You wouldn’t need to go searching for the information, just one click and the documents you need are in front of you.

Smart Folders do just that, saving you time every day.

FileHound’s innovative smart folders allow you to instantly display a list of documents based on a set of pre-defined criteria, allowing documents you need to access be presented to you when they are added into the system rather than seeking them out.

For example;

You need to keep an eye on all invoices waiting for approval so that you can ensure they aren’t paid until they are approved – click

You also need to make sure that all contracts due to expire are dealt with efficiently – click


Our document redaction service redacts and protects private information like names, addresses and account numbers without any configuration using our library of pre-configured extraction modules.

Redactions can be made across a variety of documents, scanned or digital. Redactions can be left ‘pending’ ready for manual review, and then applied to remove the data completely from the document.

In addition to pre-built modules, redactions can be tailored to any use case by linking to a custom extractor.


Ensure you are using the current or latest version of your documents at all times. View different versions side by side, upload new and restore previous versions while keeping an audit trail throughout the documents life cycle.


When you work with paper records it is easy to take a few documents out of your filing system so that you can read them, email them or work on them in some other way. It’s usually not so easy to put them back in their original place and order.

FileHound has overcome this by allowing you to temporarily pin documents together in a single location. This simple feature allows you to pin a document from anywhere in the system, grouping them together for you to work on and when you’re finished just unpin them.

No need to waste time returning the files to their original location.

For example;

You may want to see your purchase order and the supplier’s delivery note when you receive the invoice for the goods, allowing you to check that everything is in order before payment is made.


Documents come and go within every business on a daily basis and some of those documents may be related to other documents you already have filed away, but they don’t always have an obvious or apparent connection.

Fortunately, FileHound allows you to link documents together, even those that have no obvious association. FileHound intelligently builds a list of possible associations allowing you to quickly link related documents together.


Sharing paper documents has never been easy. Give the original document to some people and you’ll never see it again and losing an important contract could be extremely costly to the company, if not a little embarrassing along the way.

This often leaves staff with no choice but to make endless photocopies and then distribute them and wait for feedback. This way of working is messy and expensive and doesn’t really solve the problem of sharing documents very well.

FileHound’s document sharing capabilities are simply perfect. Just file and tag your documents in the normal way and then email a link to as many people as you need to. This removes the need to make endless photocopies or wait for them to be delivered. You can chase up on responses quickly and effortlessly and you will only ever have one copy of the document to worry about.


Different types of businesses have to comply with industry specific regulations about the way they store and manage documents. However, all businesses have to meet the legislative requirements of their countries tax authorities and other national bodies.

FileHound can be used to help you comply with the record keeping guidelines detailed by the UK’s HMRC or your local tax governing legislation.


Every business has documents that contain sensitive information, document security is often an overlooked aspect, but is one of the most important factors to think about with a digital document management system.

We live in an age where technology has made it easier for malicious entities to gain access to information that they simply shouldn’t.

FileHound has been built with security at its heart, with inflight and at rest encryption. Each document is uniquely encrypted and stored in our database using an industry standard, high level algorithm.

Along with document encryption, your connection to FileHound and the data you send back and forth is encrypted as it travels using secure web protocols*.

Organisation Level Security

When you work with paper documents you might lock these files away in a metal filing cabinet, or put them into off-site storage. While this keeps these documents safe from prying eyes, providing the right people with access to these documents can be quite difficult.

Our document security lets administrators of the system lock down specific filing cabinets or folders and document types so that only certain users can access them.


If you routinely process and file a large quantity of incoming documents FileHound can help make this mammoth task easier, we offer the ability to create and send an accompanying data file, in an industry standard XML format, to FileHound when documents are captured.

Using this XML data file, and the information within, it can be used to automatically index and file the document straight into FileHound removing the need to file, tag or index these documents, saving you time.


Having all of your disparate software applications communicate, work together and share information instead of keeping individual silos of information is a great way to streamline your business.

We’ve worked hard to make FileHound compatible with the most common business applications found in business and even some that are not. Utilising a combination of application interfaces and direct database access we can pull and push data from a wide range of systems to stop the needless repeat-entry of information.

Can other applications access FileHound?

FileHound comes armed with a comprehensive set of API’s and tools to let other applications interrogate FileHound to add, index, find or view documents.

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered

Do you need to integrate FileHound with your existing or bespoke business applications, we offer bespoke software development.


With the exception of Adobe PDF files, Microsoft Office documents are the most common documents used by business in their day-today operation, we’ve added the ability to view these files via our HTML5 compliant document viewer – meaning these document can be viewed anywhere on any device without compromise.

Email is now an integral part of running any business, but these messages often get forgotten by document management systems.  Part of our Microsoft Office compatibility includes a plugin for Microsoft Outlook. Integration between Outlook and FileHound offers a quick and easy method to file and index email messages, keeping them safe and easily accessible with the rest of your important documents.


Purchasing the right amount of user licenses to ensure that your users can access the system at all times can be tricky and sometimes costly measure. We’ve created an innovative model that offers a hybrid of a standard pool of user licences with nominated fixed seat licences. This method enables a set of users to be assigned a fixed sea ensuring they always have access to FileHound while other users are served on a first come first serve basis.

We also help manage the assignment of these licences by freeing up seats taken up by idle users to ensure that FileHound is available for users to login as much as possible.

Let’s get started

As well as our standard cloud hosted solution, FileHound is also available in a range of deployment options to cater for the specific requirements of your business.


Does the idea of deploying FileHound with zero-touch installation appeal to you? Sign up to our hosted version, FileHound in the Cloud**.

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On Premise

If you require hosting in your own infrastructure*, this option deploys FileHound alongside your existing applications and databases.

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* Hardware must meet the minimum system requirements. Please refer to our [download id=”668″]

** A connection to the internet is required for access.

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