Costs of Filing

When working with traditional paper documents, it never really sinks in how much time is spent on a daily, monthly or yearly basis manually filling or retrieving pieces of paper from filing cabinets, the costs involved and what that equates to on your bottom line. Just one member of staff that needs to access 10 paper..
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The benefits of a document management system

The benefits of a document management system do not stop at having instant access to your records. You will also benefit by freeing up expensive office space, currently taken up with filing cabinets. Sharing information will become much easier. You will notice a reduction in your postage, printing and copying costs. Business processes will run..
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Document Management for Logistics Providers

Operating a logistics business is never easy and managing multi-drop deliveries across many locations is just the tip of the iceberg. Managing and controlling the paperwork associated with your deliveries is just as important if you want to guarantee payment for the work you have done. Being able to prove that you have delivered the..
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Document Management for Scanning Bureaus

The costs associated with developing and maintaining a leading edge cloud based document management system are too high for all but the very largest scanning bureaus to shoulder. However, every scanning bureau wants to offer its clients the most user friendly and convenient way to access to their documents. And if you can make some..
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Managing Your Accounts Documents

Without proper controls in place any company cannot operate successfully and so the accounts department in many companies often inherit responsibility for managing important company documents, information and business processes. One of the reasons for this is that the accounts team is used to operating processes in a methodical way, ensuring that no loose ends..
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Bad weather shouldn’t stop you working

Here in the UK, we're currently experiencing extreme snow conditions across most of the country and this is set to get worse over the next few days, source: Bad weather shouldn't stop your carrying on with business as usual, if you can get access to your business documentation. FileHound allows your staff to access..
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