What are the benefits to EDM?

With GDPR coming into force on 25th May 2018, EDM will greatly assist your business in taking steps to becoming compliant, not least when it comes to tracking down the documents in question, and assessing how best to manage them moving forward.

Just a quick checklist

If you find yourself ticking 3 or more of these boxes, it is highly likely that you would benefit from deploying the FileHound GDPR Compliance Toolkit.

Does it take more than 15 seconds to locate and view a document?

Do you have sensitive documents that require secure and ongoing protection?

Do you envisage an increase in the amount of documentation over the coming years?

Are staff spending a significant amount of time searching for various documents?

Could customer or supplier enquiries be more effective if information were more accessible?

Do documents need to be moved between departments or buildings to be processed?

Is it important to your business that access to a document is monitored?

Will your documents be audited and require storage for a specific amount of time?

Is your business at risk if your paper files are damaged or destroyed due to fire or flood?

Would your business suffer penalties or loss of reputation if information was lost or stolen?

EDM Benefits

Not just a greener alternative to paper documentation:

Documents are securely stored and always traceable

Reduction or elimination of filing cabinets, freeing space in the office

Full text search for more general unstructured searches

Search functionality that allows you to easily and quickly locate documents based upon set search criteria; metadata

Accessible through a web browser, allowing you to access your document from any device with internet access

Your business processes can be automated to save employee time and improve customer satisfaction

A key step for your business towards compliance regarding data management

Documents are fully audited, keeping your business compliant

A key step towards greater agility and improved productivity

FileHound’s GDPR Guidance Toolkit to help get your business on track

We have a suite of services to enable a business of any size to utilise FileHound GDPR.

Whether you’re up to speed on the necessities for your business, or you’re facing the prospect of an overhaul of your current systems in order to meet GDPR compliance, we can make the task at hand simpler and cost-effective for you.


Steps your organisation can take to start you on the road to GDPR readiness. Several considerations which will galvanise thinking and kick-start the process.

Go paperless


Consider deploying FileHound as a valuable measure in your GDPR action plan. Read about FileHound’s role in the GDPR. Download our guide today to get up to speed before the May 2018 deadline.

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Follow our jargon-free guidance on how best to secure your business’s place on the GDPR safe list, taking into account everything from your software tools to your internal taskforce managing the process.

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