Operating a logistics business is never easy and managing multi-drop deliveries across many locations is just the tip of the iceberg.

Managing and controlling the paperwork associated with your deliveries is just as important if you want to guarantee payment for the work you have done. Being able to prove that you have delivered the goods is the key to guaranteeing payment.

But logistics firms, large and small, continue to struggle with the management of POD’s and associated paperwork.

If you store paper records you will be constantly wading through archive boxes searching for documents and then photocopying and faxing them to your customers.

A FileHound document management system will help you archive, store and retrieve documents in seconds, removing the need for you to keep any paper records.

Your FileHound document archive will also help you compile sets of documents much more efficiently than you could with their paper equivalents.

You’ll be able to send documents by email and you could even provide your customers with a secure login to your system, for access to their PODs, ensuring even greater efficiencies.

And if you need documents when you’re not in the office you can access them from anywhere using your Laptop, Tablet or Mobile.

Take a closer look at FileHound today. They can streamline your POD to payment processes.