The costs associated with developing and maintaining a leading edge cloud based document management system are too high for all but the very largest scanning bureaus to shoulder.

However, every scanning bureau wants to offer its clients the most user friendly and convenient way to access to their documents. And if you can make some additional money while offering a better level of customer service who is going to complain.

How can FileHound help?

FileHound is a modern powerful, browser based, document management system that can be run as a hosted application on your own servers, installed at your clients premises or simply run as a fully hosted and supported system if you’d prefer us to deliver this part of the service.

You can continue to scan your clients documents using your favourite scanning applications, such as; Kodak Capture or Kofax Express and upload the PDF’s along with an xml index file.

FileHound will automatically file the documents away without any further work on your behalf.

Your clients can access their documents via their preferred web browser so no software is required. Users can be granted different levels of access to the system ensuring that sensitive information is protected from prying eyes.

Every document is secured and backed up.

If your customers want to add documents to the system that’s ok too. They can upload them and file them away very quickly and easily without interfering with the work you are doing.

FileHound offers a high degree of flexibility and can be configured to store and manage any type of scanned document. The standard version of the system includes a wide range of useful features.

Contact us today to find out how you can improve your customer service, build a stronger relationship with your customers and increase your profits.