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What is FileHound edu?

FileHound edu is your school’s intelligent, secure digital filing cabinet in the cloud. With it’s simple, powerful and easy to use features, schools use FileHound edu to retain a ’single source of truth’ for their important, student-related files including documents, emails, images and more.

FileHound edu is built with schools in mind, developed by education technology experts who understand how schools operate, backed by the relevant experience working with many schools across the UK.

FileHound edu is perfect for school’s who are:

  • Still generating paper archives with restrictive access
  • Unable to empower remote workers who need fast and secure access to paper documents and archives
  • Still moving paper documents around the school and off-site
  • Creating unstructured or duplicated data on network drives or cloud storage service
  • Regularly manage inefficient scan to email paper workflows
  • Photocopying or scanning  paper documents on demand
  • Concerns with security and compliance (SAR, GDPR, PII)
  • Want to reclaim back space taken by filing cabinets and paper archive
  • Are concerned with manually handling paper documents during the pandemic
  • Identified the benefits of digitising their paper archives in the past but was too expensive and time consuming to tackle

3 Key Challenges FileHound edu Can Solve

Most School MIS systems only offer basic file store functionality to retain student and staff related documents – this makes it hard to manage, search and retrieve important information when needed and can cause unnecessary retention or duplication of data.

FileHound edu synchronises with your school MIS system and eliminates manual data entry when indexing documents, this makes file & retrieval of important student and staff documents far easier and more efficient.


Schools often contain legacy paper-based documents, making subject access requests (SAR) very time consuming, as well as taking up much needed space and increasing risk of loss or damage.

Our FileHound edu packages will assist your school to digitise and import paper-based archive documents, as well as provide data import utilities for existing digital documents, or exports from your MIS. With the ability to configure automatic retention policies, documents data are stored no longer than needed for GDPR compliance.


School administrators and back-office teams work hard to manage a range of manual, day-to-day document processes. Designing and implementing a more efficient, simple and secure document process can be an overwhelming task.

FileHound edu provides tools that can standardise document processes and simplify compliance with full auditing, secure sharing capabilities, and complete control over who can access what.


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Find Important Documents in Seconds!

FileHound’s content aware search allows school administrators and support staff to find important, student related documents in seconds. With just a few keystrokes, FileHound sniffs through every single word of every document and quickly retrieves the files with the info you’re looking for.

Put your school’s back office ahead of the pack with FileHound!

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FileHound is a UK Government G-Cloud supplier, a public sector framework to ease the procurement process for UK public sector organisations.

How FileHound edu Works with your MIS

FileHound edu enables every document to be quickly and easily indexed against a student, utilising data source lookups and integration with your existing school MIS. Here’s how it works.

Ideal Solution For Multi-Academy Trusts

If your school is part of a Multi-Academy Trust, FileHound edu can offer economies of scale for standardisation, as well as preferable models for deployment and pricing, including;

  • A multi-tenanted instance for your Trust, allowing all data to be stored within a single private cloud
  • Standardised document type templates, processes and retention policies across all Schools within the Trust
  • Bespoke technical and end-user training to enable Trusts to take ownership of deployment, onboarding and first line support and maintenance.

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Go Paperless. Save Costs. Save the Environment.

FileHound gives your school the power to go paperless, reducing costs and decrease your environmental impact!

Manual paperwork imposes a huge drain on time for school administrators. FileHound makes thumbing through paper files a thing of the past!

Save time, reduce print costs and reclaim valuable storage space

What’s more, every document in FileHound is tagged with metadata pulled directly from your MIS, so you can search and filter thousands of files in an instant to find just what you’re looking for.

Trawling through messy shared drives is a thing of the past!

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Improve Document Security. Simplify Compliance.

It’s never been easier to gain control over your school’s important documents.

FileHound provides a secure, digital repository to keep a ‘single source of truth’ for important documents.

FileHound’s highly configurable access permissions offer complete control over who can view, download or share any document.

Need to share documents with approved third parties?

FileHound’s sharing features allow documents to be securely shared with parents, support workers or any other third party via email link that’s fully audited, with optional time-expiry and password protection.

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Little to Learn. Lots to Love.

No one likes clunky, overcomplicated software. That’s why FileHound is designed for human beings.

There’s tons to love about FileHound. Explore more great features and learn why FileHound is loved by users everywhere.

Here’s just a few:

  • Integration with your school’s secure print solution (PaperCut for example) allows scanning directly to FileHound
  • Related documents can be quickly linked to each other, making it even easier to find the documents you need
  • Documents which you need quick access to can be temporarily ‘pinned’ for ease of access
  • Group inboxes and document workflow capabilities can take your school’s document processes to the next level

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