The FileHound product development team are pleased to announce our latest upcoming version release, FileHound 4.0.

Software is a fast-moving arena, and since FileHound was first released in 2012, our platform has come a long way. Now, as we approach almost 10 years of innovation in the document management space, our focus has been to ensure that our underlying technology stack is fit for purpose for the next 10 years, while still delivering on the same outstanding usability and ease of adoption which sets FileHound apart.

FileHound 4.0 brings an array of ‘under the hood’ updates, optimisations, modernisations and capability enhancements to ensure longevity of the platform while still pushing the envelope to deliver the latest capabilities and a better experience than ever for our customers.

Feature Enhancements

Improved Search Experience

We’re seeing more customers with larger volumes of legacy documents to retain, with the need to quickly query these archives for compliance reasons (some customers retaining well over 500,000 documents at any given time). FileHound 4.0 ensures fast and responsive search with updates to performance and usability, including;

  • Reduced search response times
  • Improved pagination and loading of search results for better user experience 
  • Better CPU efficiency and overall performance. This particularly benefits customers and partners who host FileHound in their own infrastructure, reducing FileHound’s required compute resources and associated costs

SmartCapture 2.0

The last 12 months has seen more businesses than ever looking to digitise document archives to provide ubiquitous, remote access for their teams, wherever they are located. AI driven Intelligent Capture has become a critical enabler for this, dramatically speeding up processing times through auto-classification and indexing. For this reason, we have made SmartCapture a primary focus for our product team, and we’re now able to offer ‘game-changing’ document capture and classification capabilities.

  • Embedded SmartCapture engine integrated seamlessly with FileHound’s front-end
  • A new, bigger library of pre-configured extraction modules
  • Much, much faster data extraction speeds!
  • New redaction capabilities, enabling customer to leverage the power of AI to automatically remove sensitive or PII data from documents 
  • Completely integrated within FileHound’s API

Our Latest Invoice Authorisation Workflow

A standard invoice authorisation workflow which offers cost category-based, multi level approval with approval limits and escalation.

Our latest Invoice Authorisation workflow is a great first step for SMEs who are looking for a simple invoice approval solution. Take the first step towards digitising invoice processes, without the need to explore fully automated purchase-to-pay solutions, which can be costly and complex to scope.

Workflow Dashboard

Our workflow dashboard provides businesses with insight of all currently active workflow jobs. Select users within an organisation can now use the workflow dashboard to get a ‘birds eye view’ of;

  • Status of each job currently in progress
  • Thumbnail preview of the document
  • Who submitted & who is currently assigned
  • Relevant Category of each job
  • Total Value/Amount (if relevant, for example in a Supplier Invoice workflow)

Filtering and reporting is also available within the workflow dashboard to enable data to be analysed quickly and easily.

FileHound edu

Bromcom MIS integration enhancements: dynamic intelligent student/staff indexing updates with scheduling. Ensures key information such as key stage, year group and home address is dynamically updated in the document indexing metadata.

Document & Data Import Utility enhancements: The FileHound Import Utility is a tool to enable FileHound Administrators to import large volumes of document and associated metadata from a local folder or directory. Note: Multi Academy Trust tenant based version only.

Single Sign On (beta)

We’re excited to be able to offer Single Sign On in initial beta with FileHound 4.0. Users can now wave goodbye to password fatigue with integration with Microsoft and Google authentication. Unnecessary and repeated logins are no longer required, customers can enjoy a more modern experience, plus improved overall security.

FileHound 4.0 Includes a number of bug fixes, including;

  • Fixed an issue which would cause delayed document loading when selecting and opening multiple documents at the same time
  • Improved API load times and resolved an issue which caused the API to require re-launching after long periods of inactivity
  • Resolved an issue where searches which did not contain enough specific search terms would cause a long delay in displaying results
  • Fixed a responsive issue where the Indexing pane would appear incorrectly on smaller display sizes
  • Fixed an issue which would occur when document tabs are open and user’s connection to server drops, causing the viewer to require refresh to display the document again
  • Fixed an issue where tags may not save correctly when indexing a document
  • Resolved an issue which would cause ‘Server Post Fail’ message to appear when FileHound was left inactive for a long period of time
  • Resolved issue where Indexing panel may not allow saving of dates which are pulled from certain data lookups where date format includes HOURS:MINUTES:SECONDS

Under the Hood Improvements

With FileHound 4.0, we’ve focused primarily on what’s going on under the hood, enabling us to provide better performance and an improved user experience, as well as lay the ground work for better management and support for distributors, partners and integrators.

Our latest FileHound API v1.2

We believe that the future of software lies in API-driven development. Our fully featured API has become central to our development roadmap. Our latest API version, v1.2 contains optimisations and enhancements to our 250+ end points. Here’s some of the highlights:

  • Viewing documents and preview thumbnails via the API allows a better user experience when integrating with 3rd party devices or applications
  • Uploading documents via API, enabling file upload/import integration with a huge variety of MFDs, scanners and LOB software
  • Downloading or exporting documents via the API to allow files to be passed seamlessly from FileHound to your LOB application. Great for sharing, auditing and document workflow integrations.
  • Saving and amending document indexing data is now done completely via API calls, which enables metadata to be provided and updated from any external source 
  • Searching and filtering documents can now also be performed via the API 
  • Users can trigger workflows and workflow actions from the API, allowing workflows to be deeply integrated with 3rd party applications
  • Organisation creation, amendment and removal can now be managed from the API, empowering our partner channel to be more self sufficient 
  • Integration keys can now be automatically generated from the API

An All-New File Store Method, Same High Level of Security

Previous versions of FileHound stored files as encrypted byte arrays within the FileHound SQL database table. While this offers a good level of security and technical consolidation, the dependancy on SQL for file storage imposes limits on performance and capacity which make it more costly in the long term. FileHound 4.0 implements a completely new and more up to date ‘bucket’ storage method, similar to that used by common cloud providers such as AWS (S3 buckets for example)

This offers improved speed for retrieving documents, as well as more efficient use of storage resources. Documents are encrypted at rest based on each organisations encryption key, to ensure the same high level of security.

Introducing the FileHound CLI (beta)

FileHound 4.0 includes a new command-line interface utility, which allows for more effective and efficient management of FileHound instances, both for our team and our reseller partners & distributor channel.

FileHound Live Status Page

New status page provides live, up to date information of up time for partners and integrators for FileHound API, Developer Instance and Sales Demo Instance.

Access the FileHound Status Page to check on the status of our production, developer and sales demo environments.

Release Date & How to Upgrade

FileHound 4.0 is due for release on April 30th 2021. If you’re a current, cloud-hosted customer interested in upgrades, please contact your FileHound Account Manager or contact our support team via:

* Free upgrades may only apply to cloud hosted customers currently using FileHound v3.1 or later. Customers with bespoke/custom features or workflows may be subject to a one-time upgrade cost