How can FileHound’s GDPR Compliance Toolkit assist your GDPR requirements?

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For those that like technical detail, we can provide the specifics of how the FileHound GDPR Compliance Toolkit runs, and in turn, makes the journey to compliance that bit simpler.

Core to the toolkit is FileHound’s bespoke system for building up multiple expression libraries containing keywords which can be used as search criteria. These expressions could be words or phrases that could be associated with personal or sensitive data in a document that requires attention.

Running the search using these expression libraries, against the documents stored in FileHound or on your network drives, will locate and flag for attention any documents that meet the search criteria. Far more powerful than a search facility on a standard PDF viewer or natively within your EDMS itself, the GDPR Toolkit will search a document for an array of expressions and includes an exclusion list for greater accuracy, also known as false positives.

Once completed, a results set of all documents flagged for attention will be saved. This then becomes a clear task list, which you can assign to your users or the team managing this project, to be actioned as and when.

Because it may take some time to review the list of results, a status is associated with each document so that a user can address the results over a period of time. The outcome of the review may require different actions; delete document, retain document, setup retention period, redact content and so on.

Once the GDPR is in full force, as of May 2018, the security of documents containing sensitive data will be paramount, more than ever. For this reason, EDM is a tool to consider in your armoury, as it offers technology to ensure an added layer of security around your data. All documents stored on FileHound are encrypted and cannot be opened without the correct key, known only by the customer and used by the EDMS to decrypt documents when they are viewed. For extremely secure documents, that are encrypted, search functionality can still take place, through sophisticated text layering technology, to enable your users to scan documents with the singular purpose of locating compromising data from the designated expressions library. The text layer associated with the document is transient and is destroyed as soon as it has been searched, thus ensuring complete security and peace of mind around your data management.

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The GDPR toolkit will also identify any index data which may require attention as well as search for index data field names which would indicate that sensitive or personal data is being stored. For example, it may locate a date in the index data (metadata) but without context the nature of the date is unknown. Identifying the index field label will give the date context and it could be a date of birth, or it may be a tenancy start date for a tenancy agreement. A date of birth could highlight that it requires attention.

Assigned to the expression library and the list of words/phrases to be located is a white list which will override a flagged expression. For example a search may identify ‘health’ as being a key word that is in the expression library and when found in a document flag that document for attention. However, it may be that the white list excludes the word ‘health’ as it is part of another expression ‘Director of Health’.

The FileHound EDMS also provides features to setup document retention and deletion settings, which can be set manually or via a specific document type. To secure aspects of a document the system allows users to redact information and so the viewable document will always blank out information that has been deemed unnecessary.

Several other situations may occur where the toolkit could significantly assist an organisation and save a considerable amount of time. An organisation might receive a subject information request and are then tasked with locating all documents referring to an individual or situation, a time-consuming task made much quicker with the GDPR toolkit. Additionally a right to forget request may place a similar time-consuming burden on the business.

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Whether you’re up to speed on the necessities for your business, or you’re facing the prospect of an overhaul of your current systems in order to meet GDPR compliance, we can make the task at hand simpler and cost-effective for you.


If your organisation already follows strict procedures to manage and protect data, but is still very much paper-based, understand the powerful benefits of switching from paper management to EDM.

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Consider deploying FileHound as a valuable measure in your GDPR action plan. Read about FileHound’s role in the GDPR. Download our guide today to get up to speed before the May 2018 deadline.

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