GDPR Preparation To-do list

Six jargon-free steps

How best to secure your business’ place on the GDPR safe-list


Recruit an in-house taskforce manager to champion the importance of GDPR and to manage the project ahead of the GDPR coming into force. This role should encompass everything from IT to staff training, and is a role whose reach extends well beyond the May 2018 deadline.


Review current data processes to identify necessary action points to achieve compliance with the new regulations. If you feel there are gaps in your data protection policy then this would be a prescient time to review your policies and the data you manage or retain.


Your organisation has a responsibility to ensure all suppliers and third party businesses involved in all of your activities are also GDPR-compliant; you will be liable for their actions in the event that the data you hold is implicated. Safeguarding your documents and their visibility is key.


Assess the time and budget commitment you can dedicate to the project, buying in support and services where necessary. Ensure company-wide awareness and engagement to continue compliance, to avoid breach and penalties; training will be essential.


Ensure your data subjects are aware of your new GDPR compliant procedures and ensure you support a consensual approach to securing data from your subjects, in line with the new GDPR regulations. They can, at any point, request more information on the personal data you hold about them, and there will be financial consequences for contraventions.


Review and amend policies and procedures to reflect compliance activity – consider how you store data, how long, how necessary, where you obtain the data from, who else has access to it, and what you actually need it for. A company that demonstrates proactive compliance procedures, and/or management of a data breach is one important part of the new regulation.

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