King Street Housing Society deploy FileHound Document Management improving efficiency while reducing the paper burden.

Seeking to reduce the amount of paper passing through the office, and increase performance and efficiency, award-winning housing provider King Street made the decision to implement an electronic document management system.

FileHound was chosen because it was affordable and, being browser-based, did not require additional expenditure on remote access technologies to deploy. Its ease of use was a significant benefit when training staff to use the system and the roll-out to users was quick and simple.

Craig Glasper, Chief Executive Officer at King Street Housing Society, said,

In this age we need to be lean and agile to allow us to provide a higher level of service to our tenants. Core to this is centralising documents and associated information regarding properties and tenancies. FileHound allows us to achieve this with additional workflows, automation and integration with our housing management system to provide a central repository for information.

FileHound provides a modern, easy to use, browser-based user interface which allows users to access the system from PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones. With an underlying MS SQL Server database, and non-proprietary technology, it allows integration and data sharing with virtually any system utilised in the housing sector.

King Street integrated FileHound with their housing management and accounts system, Pyramid, to allow all tenancy and property records to be accessible from one screen. Data lookups and validation ensure documents link to the correct property or tenancy and users are able to call up any documents or information instantly.

Now deployed, King Street are implementing workflows and authorisation processes for accounts and other aspects of housing management.

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