Digital Transformation Through a Single, Cloud-Based Solution

September 17, 2020

Did you know? Employees spend around 20% of their time at work searching for or gathering information

Death by a thousand paper cuts?

Paper-based processes, shared drives and spreadsheets cannot support today’s requirements for ubiquitous availability of information, automation of mundane repetitive tasks and transparency. Building document processes around a single, unified system allows businesses to maintain a single source of truth for important information while ensuring the right people have instant access to the documents they need.

This approach enables businesses to design clearer, simpler, more sustainable processes in order to allow growth.

Keep it Simple

The fact is, people are different. We each have our preferences when it comes to the specific tools we use to do our jobs. With so many digital tools at our disposal, it’s easy for team members to find their own ways of doing things, provided the outcome is the same. This is especially the case when there are multiple systems with overlapping capabilities, or when processes are communicated with ambiguity.

Businesses experience efficiency and compliance issues when using a combination of systems, such as network drives, SharePoint, intranets for managing important documentation. Inconsistent document handing across teams causes serious bottlenecks with communication, document processing and control.

It’s not surprising that when choosing their own workflows, people will generally follow the path of least resistance. This is why it’s important to ensure that the processes and tools you put in place are designed with your people in mind. You’ll find that the simpler systems will generally win the popularity contest.

Benefits of a Cloud-Based Solution

On-premise directories and software may seem like a more secure choice for businesses but is rarely as seamlessly accessible as a cloud-based solution. By opting for a secure, cloud-first solution, businesses ensure a simpler roll-out as well as better user adoption. Removing barriers like Remote Desktop and VPN allows staff to access the documents they need, and when they need them across a wide range of devices.

Ensure that you’ve carefully considered which documents are important and sensitive, determined who has access to what, and agreed upon the level of security that you’re satisfied with when it comes to these documents. Once you’ve mapped this out, you’ll find that a lot of the time it comes down to simply trusting your people. After all, you hired them! Don’t place unnecessary barriers around people’s processes, falling into the trap of ‘security for security’s sake’. If you understand your business, you’ll know when an added layer of security makes sense, and when it just frustrates people.

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