Get your business organised in 2022 with FileHound Cloud Document Workflow Platform!

Many businesses are developing ‘new ways of working’ with a focus on ‘going digital’. Home office workers and remote teams can be disadvantaged if they cannot easily access information to support their business decisions and processes.

Every business manages and retains a wide range of important documents, from sales proposals and customer orders to invoices, employee records, trading agreements, tax returns, audit reports, health and safety records, property leases, board minutes and shareholder information.
FileHound’s Digital Filing Cabinet solution can help solves these challenges ‘out of the box’ by ensuring your important business documents are securely available, easily found when needed and fully audited at all times.

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Using AI to Simplify Document Capture

Processing document data quickly and accurately is crucial for any business to remain competitive in today’s fast-evolving digital age. With documents making up the heart of business processes in any given organisation — regardless of the industry or size — that organisation’s success relies on its ability to locate, access, and understand document data.

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