A document management platform for the future

FileHound is an intelligent, browser based, electronic document management, workflow automation and data discovery platform. With our lightweight browser client FileHound is completely platform independent allowing you to choose from a fully managed software solution in the cloud to an on-premise solution supported by your own hardware.

 The FileHound eco system supported by the team that designed and developed the platform has the ability to enhance business of all sizes on their digital transformation journeys. Our team of business technology consultants, solutions architects and software developers are passionate about making a difference with technology.


Being platform-independent, FileHound is not tied to any device or any location. Total access to the system is available from a modern browser anywhere and at any time. We fully manage and support on the back-end so you can focus on using FileHound to enhance your business.


Utilising the browser as the client FileHound in the cloud offers a zero touch deployment approach. This reduction in deployment costs can then be focussed on building a configuration, training and on-boarding package tailored just for your business.


Businesses of all sizes and industries have to comply with regulations regarding data storage and management, particularly since the GDPR coming into force in 2018. FileHound can be implemented to assist as part of a multi-step approach to legislation compliance.


Our uncomplicated user interface is easy to adopt, manage and embed within your existing and new business processes – conforming to the standards our users are already familiar with when accessing applications on the web.


Core Features


A quick and easy-to-use indexing mechanism has been developed ensuring easy user adoption. If you’re familiar with Facebook, Twitter or blogging platforms like WordPress you’ll be familiar with this way of identifying your tweets, pictures and other items. If you are not, don’t worry, it’s intuitive and very straight forward to get to grips with.



Quickly find and view the documents you need using either FileHound’s quick find or advanced search features.

FileHound has the ability to search not only the index criteria but also the actual contents of your documents. Allowing you to easily find documents based on the content rather than remembering where it is stored.



Keeping track of those all important documents can be a difficult task when you have a large number of people accessing a large number of documents.

FileHound keeps a complete audit trail of every interaction a user has with a document. Keeping a detailed history of each and every time a user views a document, the document is moved into another folder, the indexing information is modified or a document is emailed or exported from the system.


…and even more useful features and services


Digitally manage, store and secure your important work documents making them easy to find and retrieve. At the same time add automated retention policies to specific documents for enhanced compliance.


Related documents can be pinned together to create bundles emulating how you may work with paper documents.


Relate or link documents to each other so they can been managed in one view. For example relate an invoice with a PO and delivery note.


Share via email a link/url to important documents with time limits, encrypted security and additional passwords protection. Perfect for sharing document to people outside of the FileHound eco system.


Ensure you are using the current or latest version of your documents at all times. View different versions side by side, upload new and restore previous versions while keeping an audit trail throughout the documents life cycle – perfect for supporting the delivery of ISO standards.


How users view and manage documents in FileHound can be configured based on their role and security access in a familiar permission based user management console.


Got a ton of paper documents in filing cabinets or storage boxes? No problem. We can offer a variety of integrated back-scanning solutions to get those documents digitised, indexed and imported directly into FileHound. We can scan your entire paper backlog, or store archive files securely off-site and scan them on demand for you.


Feel assured that all your data is backed-up and protected at all times. At FileHound we take the security and integrity fo your data seriously.


Wether you are looking for support to design and deliver a new digital transformation strategy, or to just focus enhancing a specific business process or challenge – we have the skills and experience across many business sectors on hand to support you.

Selection of FileHound Customers

We love our customers and we are proud of them.

Let’s get started

FileHound is available through a number of deployment options, each designed to cater for unique requirements of your organisation.

On Premise

If you have your own servers or infrastructure*, choose this option to have FileHound installed alongside your existing applications and databases.

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Private Cloud

Does the idea of a fully hosted, private document management system appeal to you? Then opt for our hosted version, FileHound in the Cloud** and benefit from a fully managed solution and a zero-touch deployment with no in-house hardware or IT expertise required.

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* Hardware must meet the minimum system requirements. Please refer to our Client and Server Specification

** A connection to the internet is required for access.

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