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Simply powerful. Powerfully simple.

FileHound Cloud (V4.0) is packed full of incredible features while also being beautifully easy to use. If you've tried other document management systems, we guarantee you'll find FileHound a breath of fresh air!

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Optimised for the cloud

Our subscription-based solution is built with the latest HTML5 technology for seamless deployment, no installation needed. Accessible on any device - Windows or Mac - through a modern web browser, FileHound offers flexibility and advanced features at your fingertips.

Supported browsers:

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Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

FileHound offers a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) service to enhance the security of your documents. With MFA, you can add an extra layer of protection to your FileHound account, ensuring that only authorised individuals can access sensitive information. Safeguard your documents with FileHound's MFA service and have peace of mind knowing that your data is secure.

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Intuitive User Experience

FileHound provides an intuitive user experience, making document management effortless. With user-friendly features and a clean interface, navigating the platform is seamless. Experience the ease and simplicity of FileHound's intuitive design and elevate your document management.

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Fast, Flexible Indexing

Document Indexing provides valuable context to your documents, improving the efficiency of search and retrieval. By performing data source look-up and validation, it ensures that your documents are properly classified with essential metadata, enabling fast retrieval and facilitating workflow orchestration.

AI & ML Powered SmartCapture

Our SmartCapture OCR technology harnesses the power of AI and ML algorithms to extract vital data points from unstructured documents, such as invoices, with exceptional precision and efficiency. By significantly reducing the reliance on manual data entry, it transforms unstructured documents into structured data, while continuously learning and improving its accuracy and speed.

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Automated Workflows

Workflows are the key to working smarter and faster, enabling teams to streamline their processes and save valuable time on repetitive tasks, such as document approvals. With FileHound's powerful document workflow functionality, you can create custom workflows tailored to your specific needs, thanks to its BPMN 2.0 compatibility.

Workflow Dashboards

FileHound's workflow dashboard views provide real-time insights for various workflows, including invoice approvals. Stakeholders can make informed decisions based on current workflow statuses. Widget insights offer key metrics, performance indicators, and status updates, empowering users to monitor and optimise workflow efficiency.

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Securely Share & Track

FileHound allows secure sharing of important documents. With encrypted file transfers, controlled access, and timed access configuration, confidently distribute sensitive information. Include related documents and personal messages with the share link. Authorised recipients can access the shared documents, while an audit history ensures added security and traceability.

Document Share Portal

Introducing our new Document Share Portal, designed to provide authorised third parties with secure access to shared document links. With the added security of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), external recipients can conveniently access shared documents through FileHound. The portal ensures a full document audit, allowing you to track and monitor document activity for enhanced security and accountability.

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Microsoft Outlook Add-In

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FileHound Microsoft Outlook Add-In provides FileHound Cloud Subscription users the ability to save E-Mail attachments and E-Mail Content directly from Microsoft Outlook messages to your personal Inbox and shared FileHound Inboxes you have permission to access.

Automated Filing & Policies

FileHound's filing cabinet structure offers a familiar and intuitive approach for organising documents. With automated filing, retention policies, and user access controls, the system ensures that documents are consistently stored in the correct location. Relevant access controls are applied automatically, and documents are retained only for the duration specified by your retention policy.

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Version Control & Restore

With FileHound's version control feature, tracking and archiving document iterations becomes effortless. You can easily compare versions side by side, upload new versions, and restore to previous versions whenever needed. The process is accompanied by a comprehensive and transparent audit trail, ensuring full visibility into document changes and updates.

.PDF Editor / Organiser

Easily reorganise pages and correct orientation. Extract single or multiple pages to create new documents. Split a document into multiple files. Delete single or multiple pages from a document. With these features, you have full control over your document content, allowing you to customise and optimise your files according to your specific needs.

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Full Audit History

Managing important documents can be a challenging task, but with FileHound, compliance becomes simplified. FileHound provides a complete audit trail for every document, alleviating the burden of tracking and monitoring document interactions. Every action, such as document uploads, indexing, and modifications, is logged, offering clear visibility into who performed each activity.

More useful ways to stay organised...

FileHound offers a ton of ways to organise, tag and manage your documents.

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Link Documents

Link related documents to each other, adding context and making it even easier for your teams to find what they need. For example linking an employee contract with a job description and proof of I.D.

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Pin Documents

Quickly pin documents which you need fast access to and they will appear in your Pinned items. When you have finished with them, simply un-pin them!

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Add Comments & Tags

Comments provide an area for important comments on a document. Notes can even be made private.
Quickly add further metadata to documents in the form of TAGS.

Simply powerful. Powerfully simple.
FileHound is packed full of incredible features while also being beautifully easy to use.
If you've tried other document management systems, we guarantee you'll find FileHound a breath of fresh air!
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