Simply powerful. Powerfully simple.

FileHound cloud is packed full of incredible features while also being beautifully easy to use. If you've tried other document management systems, we guarantee you'll find FileHound a breath of fresh air!

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Image of FileHound login screen

Completely Browser Based

We have built FileHound leveraging the latest in HTML5 technology to provide a modern, intuitive experience without you having to instal a thing!

Once activated, users can access FileHound on any device; Windows or Mac. All you need is a modern web browser.

Supported browsers:

Powerful Search & Retreival

FileHound's powerful 'Content-Aware Search' search finds your document fast!

All documents uploaded to FileHound are OCR scanned within the application meaning you can search for key content within a document as well as the file name and indexing data.

No more trawling through paper filing cabinets or unstructured network shared drives!  

Image of FileHound's indexing panel

Fast, Flexible Indexing

Indexing adds valuable context and meaning to your documents, making search and retrieval far more efficient.

FileHound offers customisable Indexing fields such as dates, currency, data lookups and a variety of others.

Data source look-ups can be configured to classify and automate document indexing.

SmartCapture Built In

SmartCapture extracts key data from documents using rules tailored to your needs.

Powered by AI and Machine Learning documents are processed without manual input, providing structured, quality data in return.

SmartCapture is a feature built within FileHound, so no need for 3rd party software!

Image of how FileHound's SmartCapture works

Automated Workflow

Workflows allow teams to work smarter and faster, saving time on repetitive tasks, such as document approvals.

FileHound workflow offers BPMN 2.0 compatibility, allowing custom workflows to suit any need!

Secure & Compliant

Every document in FileHound is stored in our secure database using industry standard, high level encryption.

Your connection to FileHound Cloud is also encrypted using HTTPS secure web protocols.

Flexible access settings allow total control over who can access what.

Full Audit History

Keeping tabs on your most valuable documents can be a huge headache.

FileHound simplifies compliance with a complete audit trail for every document.

Every interaction is logged, offering visibility over who uploaded, indexed or modified any document.

Filing & Cabinets

Changing the way you work with documents can be daunting.

FileHound makes the transition pain- free, offering a familiar and filing cabinet structure which can be configured however you need.

With auto-filing and quick search, you’ll never have trouble finding the document you’re looking for.

Version History & Restore

Version control allows iterations to be clearly tracked and archived.

Compare versions side by side, upload new versions and restore to previous versions, all with full, transparent auditing.

Securely Share & Track

Sharing documents has never been easy. Emailing copies of important documents can be risky and un-compliant!

With FileHound you can share documents via a secure URL with optional password protection, time expiry and full audit trails for complete control and visibility.

More useful ways to stay organised...

FileHound offers a ton of ways to organise, tag and manage your documents.


Link Documents

Link related documents to each other, adding context and making it even easier for your teams to find what they need. For example linking an employee contract with a job description and proof of I.D.


Pin Documents

Quickly pin documents which you need fast access to and they will appear in your Pinned items. When you have finished with them, simply un-pin them!


Add Notes & Tags

Notes provide an area for important comments on a document. Notes can even be made private.
Quickly add further metadata to documents in the form of TAGS.

Simply powerful. Powerfully simple.
FileHound is packed full of incredible features while also being beautifully easy to use.
If you've tried other document management systems, we guarantee you'll find FileHound a breath of fresh air!
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