About Us

We have a passion for building uncomplicated solutions that redefine business software.

When we set out to develop a new document management system, our goal from the outset was to take a fresh approach and throw away the legacy standards that we felt restricted innovation. With this outlook we develop FileHound to be cloud-first, flexible and as easy-to-use as it is powerful.

With the established status quo still pursuing the traditional path, we wanted to tear up the rule book and set a new standard, allowing end users from any location to benefit from world class document management.

With  businesses in the 21st century changing at an ever increasing speed, and modern workplace practices adapting with these changes, FileHound aims to enable your remote workforce. As access to important documents becomes more of a challenge for distributed workers, FileHound is poised and ready to take up the challenge.

Who We Are

We are a business of focused individuals with a desire to produce great software.

We aim to create a product that is simple to use, easy to deploy, cost-effective and one that lowers the barriers to implementing a scalable  document management system.

Our Values

Our goal is to create digital workplace solutions that add tangible value, and this is central to our product development approach.

We're committed to investing deeply in our partners via our comprehensive Partner Programmes, and FileHound Training Academy.

Our approach

We are passionate about our products and how we deliver them, with customer satisfaction core to how we engage with our clients.

We're listeners. We thrive on creative, collaborative dialogue. We take a holistic approach to our products and services with an unwavering focus on end user experience.

Element3 software logo

Our parent company Element3  has a proven track record of developing innovative digital workplace solutions, with consistent success and end-user satisfaction.

"With FileHound, we endeavour to provide a digital transformation solution which your customers can adopt with ease and confidence."

-  FileHound Development Team
Simply powerful. Powerfully simple.
FileHound is packed full of incredible features while also being beautifully easy to use.
If you've tried other document management systems, we guarantee you'll find FileHound a breath of fresh air!
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